Pietro Romagnoli

County: England
City: Mogliano

Pietro Romagnoli was born on 29/8/1966 in Macerata. He lives in Mogliano (MC) with his wife Paola and their two sons and a daughter, Riccardo, Luca and Benedetta. He has got an insurance agency in Macerata. He has been very fond of theatre since his childhood. In 1999, with a group of friends he founded the theatre company “Giovanni Lucaroni”.  In the company, of which he is the president, he worked as an actor and stage director at first.  Then, in 2003 he started writing his plays. That’s another of his passions. Since 2009 he has been collaborating with different schools of his province working in theatre projects and writing plays performed by young students. Since 2014 he has been organizing the theatrical season of the Teatro Apollo in Mogliano and since 2018 the one of Petriolo, too.

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