Petronilla Caciorgna

County: England
City: Castelraimondo

Petronilla Caciorgna grew up in Castelraimondo (Mc), she followed in her father’s footsteps, the sculptor Fernando Caciorgna, by promoting the monumental works he created. Petronilla organized event created with the cooperation of her father concerning International Sculpture Symposia. They brought to Castelraimondo many sculptors from all over the world and, over the years , the participating Artists have created and donate their works to the “Arte Due” of Castelraimondo . Starting from here, in love with art and together with his father, Petronilla conceived an openair museum with works ranging from 4 to 5 meters high, respecting her idea to realize an open art gallery theatre with all the sculptures inherited over time. In addition, Petronilla worked at the local Tv Centro Marche and Radio C1. She cooperated with the Sidonya Production Company in the shooting of docu-fictions in which she appeared also as an actress.

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